altEngine2-6.17.2018.zipAdded splines (type flyby on some maps) which are a combination of Hermite interpolation for position and quaternion sphereical linear interpolation (slerp) for orientation. I think there were some movement changes made also
altEngine2-11.29.2020.zipSo, the code has been sitting since 2018 and I just sort of got it presentable, (Note: this is probably more buggy than the 6.17.2018 version, which is why I hid it down here) this version wil have dynamic lightning enabled by default versus static pre-computed lightmaps (switch back to lightmaps by r_lightmap 1, r_normalmap 0, and maybe brighten things up with r_exposure 3) I think I like the lightmaps better, (they'll have shadows from skyboxes etc) but also want to keep the dynamic weapon lightning (shoot a rocket or a plasma ball) -- Should be able to combine those both together nicely, but a severe lack of free time to mess with things. This version will have cloth flags enabled and also has some constructable code, control will build a sentry (also have just static meshes, think like building a bridge or something) You can upgrade the sentry gun with the lightning gun. This version also has some vehicle code (think cars), but disabled for now as the collision detection needs serious work) I think some nicer sentry code is on my desktop too, will have to merge that in next time I'm at that computer (the base should disappear seemlessly etc) also have some command and conquer sounds over there for static mesh construction (Note: recompiled on 12/5/2020 cause I left AVX-2 enabled and noticed it just didn't run on some PC's (not even an error message, very strange -- turned out to be illegal instruction even on AVX-1 for really old PC, Added a SSE2 version) Note: recompiled again on 2.9.2021 to fix a small issue preventing sentry guns from attacking bots
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